Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian

Love, love, love  the talents of one Guy Sebastian and shame on those who constantly underrate one  of our finest singer/songwriters.

His peers, however, do not and have voted him into 6th place into the top 100  of  “Australias Greatest Singers of All Time.” Not surprisingly, John Farnham – THE voice comes in at number 1. ( we go way back, he was my second crush during my teenage years – guess I’m going to have to confess to Elvis being my first.

I recently had the great privilege to see Guy perform before a small crowd of around 400 people.

Toyota 3We waited in anticipation, the lights dimmed, the curtain drew open, there stood a man in an uber loud, multi-coloured print suit, wearing huge black rimmed square glasses.  Took me straight back to Fearless Fly (alter ego of Hiram) from Milton the Monster Show – embarrassingly, I can still sing the song to Milton “six drops of essence of terror”…….

It was a second or two before I realised it wasn’t Hiram, who when he donned his special helmet with super spectacles, became strong and unstoppable.

That is how Guy Sebastian worked this night.  With or without his big, rimmed glasses he was the consummate performer.   He showcased his talents, mixing it up with Pop, R & B, Soul, Gospel.

All our favourites were there “Like it Like that”, “Who’s that Girl”, “Angels brought me here”.  Everyone was hanging out for and got his latest hit  “Battle Scars” – superb.  And looks like the US agrees as its gone gold.  Congrats!!

He sings with emotion emanating straight from the heart and that brings a sensuality, a charisma to his performance and we were all

drawn in, yes both men and women.

What a great night,  what a great singer, songwriter, musician performer, Australian.  Bravo Guy Sebastian!


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