I Woke Up This Morning

I woke up this morning.

Now that can be the opening line of any number of songs, poems and books. It can even be the joy experienced by not seeing your name on the back page of the paper, as my dad would say, in the death notices.

However what I’m talking about is a revelation, an epiphany as it were; or is. Let me explain.

I woke up to life itself this morning. Life; limited, but infinite. Every day, hour, minute, second is valuable. It is available for us to live, love, laugh, wave our arms about and enjoy in every way we can dream. I think I have always known this but I’m not sure I really, really knew. I don’t know if this is an age thing but with this knowledge I don’t’ need to analyse it much further.

Life has its problems and there are always hard times but it’s always our choice to see the bright side. The fence is always just next to us; all we need to do is jump over it onto the greener side.Rose

Today might be a tough day. If it is, allow yourself a minute to appreciate a good moment for yourself. Tomorrow you may get two of those minutes. Who knows, before too long, you may wake up and find time to smell a rose!



  1. Love your blog! Check out mine, maybe something will spark your interest and you’ll follow! Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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