Menopause – hot topic!

For some time now I’ve wondered why we are never educated about the “change”. Menopause  the word means end of menstruating (periods) or as another site put it “the period when your monthly bleeding ends.”  Period to your period.  Others like to take the mickey and say it’s a time to enjoy a pause from men.

Throughout our lives we are taught and shown diagrams of female and male reproductive systems, the changes to our bodies, safe sex, masturbation, how a baby is made, birthing, breast feedings and so on.  The word menopause doesn’t  become part of our vernacular ‘til much later in our lives.  I have found many women of my mums era uncomfortable talking about this and other personal female matters.  So women continue to enter the menopause with no or little knowledge of  how it may affect them.

Of course I’d heard of  flushes (or flashes) and night sweats but until I experienced these, I had absolutely no comprehension what it meant! Even now I hunt for ways to describe a flush.  If you can imagine a volcano and there you are climbing your way up, sweating profusely, until you reach its rim.  As you stand there you slowly feel the sheer verocity of its heat.  Then with no control you fall into its mouth feet first  engulfed by the the molten river, helpless, no control.  And there you have it, a dramatic interpretation of a flush. Mind you, one does recover unlike the horrific end I just described! 15897662-tungurahua-volcano-eruption-at-night-with-snow-ecuadorFor some, it starts with the bottom half of their body, others midway of  torso, heading upwards towards your head, leaving you with the look of a steamed red beetroot.  Gorgeous.   By this point you would give a million dollars to be somewhere where you can strip off and climb into a fridge for instant relief.  As for all you cold bods out there, don’t be surprised during menopause that the you who had to go to bed dressed in pjs, socks, covered by a doona with the electric blanket on or hot water bottle, suddenly finds herself sleeping naked, kicking off the covers in winter and maybe even needing a fan on to boot.  And one wonders why your other half stares in surprise perhaps with a twinkle in the eye only to learn soon enough this is NOT an invitation.

As I mentioned flushes and sweats are only two of 34 common symptoms recognised by the medical fraternity.  I shall list them below for being forwarned is being forearmed.

1)            Hot Flushes

2)            Night Sweats

3)            Irregular Periods (perimenopause)

4)            Loss of Libido

5)            Vaginal Dryness

6)            Mood swings

7)            Fatigue

8)            Hair Loss

9)            Sleep disorders

10)            Difficulty concentrating

11)            Memory Lapses

12)            Dizziness

13)            Weight Gain

14)            Incontinence

15)            Bloating

16)            Allergies

17)            Brittle nails

18)            Changes in Odour

19)            Irregular heartbeat

20)            Depression

21)            Anxiety

22)            Irritability

23)            Panic Disorder

24)            Breast Pain

25)            Headaches

26)            Joint Pain

27)            Burning Tongue

28)            Electric shocks

29)            Digestive disorders

30)            Gum problems

31)            Muscle tension

32)            Itchy skin

33)            Tingling extremities

34)            Osteoporosis

Still in a hurry to see the end of your period!  Don’t worry there is much help at hand starting with something as simple  as a change of diet.  There are some fantastic natural therapy products available but I would recommend going to a registered practitioner  to get you started.   And of course HRT is available through your doctor.

To get a more comprehensive take on each symptom please visit  34 Menopause symptoms   It will also give an extended explanation of things available to you.

I do think if both women and men were instructed on the said changes, partnerships would have a much better chance of surviving through, firstly, understanding the changes and then managing them, during this natural transition in a womans life.

And yes there is such a thing as male menopause but that’s for next time 🙂



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