Money is no longer round

Money is no longer round

There’s an old saying my father says he made up, but I suspect in my older and wiser version, that it was ‘round well before him. Money is made round to go round. Really! Does that mean the notes are to be kept in the pocket, purse, wallet and mattress or take a real risk and put it in the bank? And to take it one step further, where should we stick the ever necessary Plastic Cards.

Fact is, fewer are carrying real money nowadays and in a sense it’s not going ‘round at all. I am referring specifically to the charity collectors. Whether they be human collectors at public events, tins on store counters, life sized plastic guide dogs or plenty of others I can’t think of right now. Without getting into the debate as to who actually gets the money (that chestnut can save for another day) fact is we no longer have change on us to give.Money pic2

The average Boomer recognises how good life is and, even though we still have our wants and needs, life is still good. Deep down we all like to give, not necessarily a lot, but we still want to give. So that makes that little bit of change in our pocket and purse our “feel good” money. Oh yes, it does feel good to drop some coins into the cup of neediness knowing we can make a difference. We know that coin on its own makes little difference but we are part of the whole as it that coin part of the whole that fills the ever increasing hole that charities work hard to keep from growing.

So what’s happening here? Plastic card takes over our finances, charities miss out and we don’t get to feel good.

I don’t have an answer right now. Maybe with this new “wave and pay” system for plastic cards we can tap on the collectors tin and automatically a gold coin donation is deducted from our account.


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