Nick Cave Concert Review

Pic of NickThe beauty of being 50 plus is the wide range of musical acts that one has experienced and, with touring being the money earner that it is today, we continue to see and hear the multitude of acts still performing. In the past world the only performers of mature age were the old black bluesman but with the miracles of modern science and a slice of good luck we still have a few of our heroes still performing. In honesty they may not be true to record but surely it’s the spirit of their soul we have always loved and still enjoy.

In addition those muso’s that continue to write and perform new music and are still passionate about their craft are truly an inspiration.

That said, the performance tonight of Nick Cave at the Thebarton Town Hall in Adelaide, was hardly an act of an aging campaigner but one of an artist in their prime belting it out with attitude.

From the new songs to the favourites from the past 20 years and beyond the power of delivery and commitment to entertain had the audience pumped and fully deserved the three encores demanded by the crowd.

We would have stayed for another half dozen encores if the old bugger and his band had it in them. The band by the way, the Black Seeds, even though they looked old (sorry for the painful truth guys), lacked nothing and were tight and punchy.

To draw an analogy Nick hissed, snarled and spat fire into the face of a snake tonight. I wish I was a singer in a rock and roll band. Does anybody else?


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