Return to the Good ‘Ol Days – I don’t think so!

Return to the Good Ol’ Days – I don’t think so!

It’s a modern world; full of exciting technology and, we want it all. How many times have you shopped for an item only to be happily upsold to the model with more bells, whistles, streamers and dancing girls. And, I’d have to say, 90% of those extras never even get a look in. That’s my experience anyway.

I can remember the angst at having to become proficient at the computer in readiness for the Y2K (remember that momentous non-event). Now though, it’s no effort at all but then they go and bring out IPods, IPads, Kindles, Tablets, aye yi yi even my toaster can now be programmed to pop up at 6 in the morning with orange marmalade neatly spread crust to crust.

Only problem is I lay awake all night wondering if I have set it right; not for the time but whether my toast is light , medium or well done. And my iPhone tells me by the way of a new App at what precise minute within a seven minute range is the best to wake for my optimum sleep and subsequent happiness. Apparently George Clooney will even make me a cup of coffee if I buy the right machine.Old Dog pic

Want to go back to the good ol’ days – not bloody likely.

But I do have a point to all of this. I’m in my 50’s, yes I’m an old dog, but all this technology of which I have a love, hate relationship keeps me learning, unwittingly and sometimes frustratingly, but nevertheless learning.

So I shall embrace the challenge, step into the belly of the beast, go back in time and forward at the same time. I am going to learn the PIANOLA. Ok, ok you found me out! I am going to learn the piano. I can do it. And, no not the organ – I’m not 75. I will keep you tuned to my progressions.

Meanwhile, what are you going to do for YOURSELF? You don’t have to be a GEEK to learn something new – you can be a BOOMER.


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