Job Seek for Retirement

We as Boomers are all getting past the age when we planned for retirement. Oh yeh, I remember the days in school planning my life and expecting to work until about the age of 45 or 50 then retiring to live the happy life. Maybe I would work part time for “beer money” but only if I chose too.

Well, I’m sure many of us, even most of us, had those dreams. What went wrong? For a variety of reasons most of us are probably still working. Whether by choice or necessity or whether we become trapped in the money making game and never knowing when to stop we are still trudging into work every day.   But…. as long as we’re happy!Nest-Egg

I have done things slightly differently and decided mid working life to take a year off. Small problem – I liked it too much and it turned into 2 years. No problem really, health and happiness are recharged even if the bank balance looks a little sadder. It has truly been worth it and given me a lot of time to plan for …RETIREMENT. I know now from this small sample that I am going to love it.

I can only say that it is so good that we need to be aware that a happy healthy body is what we will cherish most. Take care of yourself and don’t get too stressed. In the words of Bob Dylan “It’s life, and life only”.

But, this thinking time is what I am writing about today. We, as boomers, are thinkers and therefore we are doers. Just because we retire it does not mean we can turn of the old grey matter or give up on a bit of physical exertion. And nor do we want too. It will keep us mentally alert and physically able to enjoy the best of retirement.

So I have been thinking about what I will do in retirement apart from relaxing. Time to learn from the Gen Y’s. Part time work is going to be the choice of the retiree in the future. Whether for charity (for those independently secure) or to supplement our income it’s worth considering the options.

It’s easier to remain in the field in which you are trained but what does it matter. Try something completely different to keep life interesting. There are lots of options I see that can be stress free and can be performed a couple of days a week in order to give us a “five day weekend” .  Everything from ironing, gardening and small home maintenance jobs to book keeping and let’s not forget internet trading.

All food for thought, but most importantly look after yourself so we all get there to enjoy it.


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