CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG the musical – boomer review

thumb.phpTime to treat yourself and your children to an “Eastmas Day” – that’s a day off from humdrum to celebrate doing something special between Easter and Christmas.

And I’ve got the perfect escape.  A night at the theatre away from computers, ipads, iphones, tablets, hand held games, tvs etc etc.  An evening to enter into the imaginary world of flying cars, whistling lollies, scrumptious treats, vulgarians, dastardly duos, silly monarchs, and staging more vibrant than the glorious colours of a setting sun. Add to this an outstanding cast and you have a night with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

This musical (currently playing at the Adelaide Festival Theatre for four weeks) will hold the attention of both adult and child with the occasional double entendre aimed squarely at the adults while the children engage in the shenanigans of the bumbling spies Goran and and Boris played by George Kapiniaris (RAA man) and Todd Goddard.

David Hobson as inventor Caractacus Potts is the perfect foil to Rachel Becks Truly Scrumptious.  Their experience shows giving us a lesson in theatre craft.  Becks’ precision performance of a music box dancer is absolutely captivating.

As one knows kids tend to always steal the show. Finnegan Green and Piper Horner as twins Jeremy and Jemima did nothing to dispel that premise. Nor did the younger cast members. Having said all that there was one star that soared above all others – yes, THE CAR!!  Chitty Chitty captured us all as it flew through the night sky bejewelled with stars.   A “gasp” moment.

I know that for a few hours you will leave all your troubles behind and become a part of a tale taking you back to your childhood. Having your child right alongside for the ride is the true bonus.

Enjoy your Eastmas Day!


Ps wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a screen displaying all the words to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  ‘cause if you are like me after the first two lines there’s nothing – nada.  Bit like singing the national anthem really…………..

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