Funny thing happened on the way to blogging……..


Back in 2010, Lee and I shared a lunch and over a few bruskies, ideas flowed as to how we could change our career paths and have lots of fun and learning along the way.  We were both at a crossroad in our lives looking for something that would give us a vent to our inner child.   ‘Cause as we know, boomers have never really grown up’.

We’ve had roadblocks along the way but we are either tearing them down or making our way around them.  Our latest effort has seen us launch ‘Keeping Up with the Boomers’ which is a work in progress. We have plans to podcast and video some of our adventures but, for now, we are learning the art of blogging.

Right from the start we weren’t the quickest off the block re IT.  I would probably go as far to say, compared to X and Y generations, we were computer illiterate and on my behalf limited to emails. Forget Twitter, Facebook, and the manual they come with featuring a language unique to its users.  (so this is how mum felt with the arrival of the microwave!)

We’ve had many days of frustration, but there is one particular day that comes to mind; a tale of two bloggers left to their own devices.

You see, for the first couple of weeks, we had wonderful help in the shape of my darling husband.   He took us step by step through the process, we wrote our pieces, launched our site and our first post was complete.

Happy little possums we were,  so very confident on our first day alone, new articles at the ready to post.  Easy right??? Nope. We battled tirelessly to just gain entry into our own site ‘cause we couldn’t recall our user name nor the password.  An annoying red lettered sentence kept flashing at us,  bullying us into submission to admit we had no idea what it was demanding.  After two and a half hours, I kid you not, I saw the absurdity of the situation and just started laughing!  It took Lee a minute or two longer to shed his frustration before he, too, could see the ridiculousness of it all. Through my tears I said ‘Lee, how can we expect a generation of boomers to log in and follow us, if we ourselves can’t even enter!!!”

It was a wonderful moment, one of those you laugh ’til you cry.  The stress and relief of days, months of planning, melted away.  And guess what?  We finally remembered the password, we just forgot it took two to do it! (inside joke).

Never be too proud to admit you don’t know it all, never be too proud to ask for help, and never, ever,  give up!


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