Mothers Day – hands off!!!


I love Mothers Day and am sick to death of people whinging about it one way or the other.  It’s the one day of the year where I allow myself to be 90 percent selfish  (still did some washing, cleaning etc). Every other celebration in our house calls for my ‘mum’ skills which usually see me cleaning or cooking or readying something or other.

Mothers Day just gone was one of my best and no it didn’t start with brekky in bed.  I went to lunch with my daughter and my mother-in-law.  Yes, mum-in-law and we had a wonderful time of three generations sharing a meal, thoughts and laughter.  We got to recall memories special to each of us.

Of course, this gave me the opportunity to recall my mother who passed some 21 years ago.  Those cherished memories were dusted off and shared, which in a way, extended an invitation for my mum to join us.

A day rarely passes without her entering my thoughts but on this occasion I had time to stop and remember and enjoy the days long gone.

After lunch my eldest son (who had been working) whisked us off to his place for afternoon tea giving Nan the chance to see the work he and his fiancée had completed in their home. Macarons were the order of that soiree.

Next he chauffeured Nan and I to my other sons place of work, a café on the beach, (daughter departed at this stage.)  We enjoyed his hospitality, had a meal, a final drink, a final baring of the souls (kinda) before hubby (who too was working) came to collect the two mums in his life and deliver them home safe and sound.

I loved it.  I got to see my children who made an effort in amongst their commitments to share my day.  Nan loved it too for the same reasons.  Gifts weren’t the order of the day.  It was time, the most precious of commodities esp in this fast paced everything has to be done yesterday world.

And it’s hard as your children grow and their worlds expand to get them altogether at any one time.  But if Mothers Day is a day they aim to please then ‘HANDS OFF MOTHERS DAY”.

For that’s the day I will selfishly enjoy every year until there are no more.


Ps OK Fessing up there is a present on offer – MORE TIME with the whole brood together sharing a night at the movies – can’t wait – love love love family nights 🙂


  1. WONDERFUL!!! … and it just gets better and better as the children marry, the grandchildren come along etc… well, it is for me 🙂 I love that as they look at my very grey hair, & tracks on the face, Mother’s Day is even more special to them cos they truly realise I won’t be around forever :-D…

    • Can’t wait for our first marriage next year and of course have my fingers crossed for our first grandchild in the not too distant future! How lovely to see that your family cherish you as your grow older, a mark of respect well earned no doubt. Enjoy all the days you’ve yet to share as I will mine, we are two of the lucky ones 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply and I have to laugh, not unkindly you understand, at your comment re: the two of us being “lucky”. This is because my dear mum, and I, had an ongoing joke when people would tell me how “lucky” I was when it was not luck at all but took lots of hard work, determination, refusing to accept the “put downs”, negative judgements, etc.

        Mum’s joking comment was “Yes, born lucky, Catherine” and delivered with a twinkle in her eye. In situations where a verbal comment was not appropriate “the look” would pass between us making it difficult to keep a straight face 🙂 …

        Passing this on to you with love because I’m sure its not about “luck” for you either.
        Best of the best always, Catherine.

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