Sounds that make you smile

DSC00621This morning I woke up to the sound of light rain hitting my windows and it made me smile.  I rolled over onto my back and drifted in and out with the sound tapping away.

It took me back to a little house in the country that had a corrugated roof and how glorious it was to hear the beat resonating across the ceiling. There was something wonderfully safe and warming tucked up in that much loved shack.  Again I smiled.

Sound….. I never gave it much thought in the realm of making me smile. Seeing something beautiful, always appreciated.  Smelling a fresh brew of coffee or the baking of fresh bread, a given. But sound? So I continued to lay in my bed asking myself what other sounds bring a smile and here are just some that came to mind…..

…Sound of the key turning in the lock late into the night meaning the last of your brood is home safe

…Sound of the ping off your wood as your sweep that tiny white golf ball soaring into the air

…The “sffitz” as you open that cold beer at the end of a hot day

…The soft breeze rustling through autumn leaves

…The innocent laughter of a young toddler

…The not so innocent laughter of your adult children as they huddle together

…Crickets chirping in unison on a balmy night

…Siren sounding at the end of a winning game

…Early morning sounds of birds warbling on the River Murray

…Waves crashing against the shoreline

…A fireplace crackling away on a stormy night (double whammy)

And last but not least the sound of the dishwasher doing a marvellous job of last nights dishes…….


Love to hear of  your sounds that make you smile (be tidy)

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