Election Excitement 2013

I am so excited about this coming election that I can hardly…..yawn!! …sorry….stay awake. It’s enough we have to go through this palaver anyway but to have it extended to the level only previously outdone by the reading time to complete Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones makes it memorable only by its sheer stupidity.

You’ve probably guessed by now that I am not a devotee of politism generally and see it as a necessary evil for the most part. And correct me if I am wrong but did all of the radio and television news bulletins contain a mandatory segment when we were growing up( assumptions here that we have actually Grown Up!!) reporting on what the opposition had to say – oh, and that is a surprise …..they said something negative against the PM’s proposed plan……yawn!….sorry, did it again.

Duck and ElephantI am going to get involved in this election debate though. Hear ye, Hear ye- I would like to see reality in politics. We live in a non-perfect world. I haven’t been a model citizen every moment of my born days and, admit it, neither have you. I don’t therefore expect my political representative to be either. I prefer that they be one of us; a normal mistake ridden. ex teenager, ex 20’s, ex 30’s etc. person who has lived a little and understands what we are and what we want (or need). I WILL ACCEPT YOUR PAST FAULTS fellow human.

So do I want to get rid of Julia Gillard? Well I want to get rid of all things fake, including fake boobs, fake handshakes, fake smiles, two faced fake promises, fake political spin- alright fake boobs can stay! (only because it gives self-esteem to those that need it) So hell yes. Do I want Tony Abbott?  Well I can’t really tell what’s behind all the make-up.

And so what do I want?  Someone to govern us who can understand what a majority means and what that majority want. After all it is the majority that voted them in. Someone to speak to us honestly like they are one of us. Someone who strives to complete the promises that encouraged us to vote for them in the first place. Someone with the guts to draw up and initiate a 10, 20, 30 year plan. Someone who has retained the ideal that took them into politics in the first place. Someone whose hand I would like shake because they are doing a good job.

Too much to ask? Probably, but give me these people and I will be behind them all the way. Unless as the political speak would say – until someone MORE honest comes along!!


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