Service or Ambivalence

It is possible that I am getting grumpy in my old age or, as I like to think, maybe I am just becoming less tolerant. Tolerance in this instance is purely required to deal with others not living up to my expectations. I know, my problem!! But am I expecting too much and are my expectations reasonable. In particular the issue grinding my gears today is the current standard of customer service.

The industries where I most notice customer service is in the retail and hospitality trade. I will state before I give a serve that some of the service I get is exemplary and I take great joy in commending the party involved.

However, the other side of the coin delivers some of the poorest,inattentive, intolerant and lazy attention (or more appropriately inattention) known this side of Burke. Burke, by the way, has given me one of my fondest travel memories. The overnight stay was $26 a night at the local pub and that included the evening meal. Steaks as big as your plate plus complimentary salad bar. And the compliments didn’t stop there-smiles were on the house as well. I digress.
Yes it seems that as with so many things these days the good is getting better and the bad is getting worse. And I can’t blame the kids of today either. It seems to be across the board.
My history, for those who haven’t read my

bio, is predominantly in the retail industry and the one thing that I always demanded of staff, myself included, was service and customer attention at the highest level. It’s not hard; it’s the job. Treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves.
Camera photos 1 391I have always recognised that we all work hard for our money and we will choose to spend it when and where we like. I, for one, will not give my money to a business that doesn’t care about me.
The crucial aspect about being in a service industry is that we have jobs because we have customers. Put simply – no customers no job! I have seen plenty of businesses in my time where people have voted with their feet and elected to shop elsewhere rather than endure poor or rude service. It usually ends with the slow demise of the owners’ business, assets, possibly family, staff jobs etc, etc. Sad stuff but the total business ambience is generally a mirror of the attitude of said proprietor/owner/manager.
So for those in service industries; smile and say hello. Customers will usually respond likewise and you may just experience something nice. It will make your customers’ day better but more likely make your day better.
And, for those that are getting grumpy at the poor service – pay compliments where and when you can. If you are unhappy don’t just get angry. Let the business know before you vote with your feet and go elsewhere. The owner may not be aware and appreciate your input.

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