PINK – The TRUTH ABOUT LOVE – boomer review

220px-TheTruthAboutLovePinkAlbumAmerica, start putting your dollars and cents away ’cause Pink is on her way! This is one concert you don’t want to miss. When Miss Pink says, ‘full of surprises,’ the lady isn’t kidding.

We in Australia have already succumbed to the myriad of talents Pink has in her arsenal, and this vixen doesn’t let up nor does she let down.  From her opening number showcasing her rock hard bod, a trapeze as her assistant, she gets the night started with ‘Raise Your Glass’.  From here the night just intensifies with ropes, cages, poles – it’s Cirque de Soleil meets Pink! Except Pink is better, as she has powerful vocals that lend themselves to singing anything you could possibly throw at her.

Should I be revealing this much? Probably not, but I don’t care ‘cause I want you to go see her!  She is an artist, performer, acrobat, songwriter, and songstress with a voice that confounds as she hauls herself up and throws herself around, all with total control and no lip syncing.

She totally engages her audience with her honesty, sharing a part of herself with every song. She draws us in, rekindling emotions we’ve all experienced at some time or other in the name of that four letter word, L O V E:  ‘Nobody Can Touch Me’  ‘Leave Me Alone’ ( some bad ass dancing here) ‘Just Like a Pill’, ‘Try’,  ‘You and Your Hand’, ‘You Make Me Sick’, ‘So What’, and ‘Blow Me’.

Being a big fan of Nate Ruess, I loved the production of ‘Just Give Me a Reason’.

Then, in amongst all this rocking, we move into an acoustic piece with Pink and Justin Dereko (this is always a favourite part of any show for me  – when it’s just the voice and the guitarist) with ‘Who Knew,’ ‘Time after Time,’ then ‘F**kin Perfect,’ with backup vocals entering the mix – magic.

Her awesome band, backup singers, dancers, and aerialists, are all worthy of a separate mention, with special kudos to Baz Haplin, the director who co-conceived the show with Pink.  All this strung together by host Jimmy Slonina.

Then you have the finale– whoa –that alone is worth the price of a ticket!!!!

This show just confirms why, if I could be any rock star in the world, I would be Pink – any day of the week.  Love her honesty of performance and self.  How can she possibly beat this – I for one can’t wait to see…….


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