THE COMEDY OF ERRORS by William Shakespeare – boomer review

imagesIf you’ve ever been tempted to go see a Shakespearean play, but are terrified you won’t understand or ‘get it,’ this is the play to see.  The Comedy of Errors is a tale of mistaken identity with a modern day interpretation, leaving you in no doubt what is going on.

You may feel a little intimidated during the opening monologue ‘cause, in all honesty, I was near groaning and feeling like it was going to be the longest of nights.  But once you ‘switch in,’ so to speak, you’ll enter the young mind of the old bard and find a wonderful sense of humour.  This is one of his earliest pieces, and some say it’s lacking in maturity, but herein is why it has leant itself to the present day.

To highlight any one performance would be a crime, as this ensemble has a stellar cast, all equally deserving of individual accolades.

Perhaps then, my highest accolade would be for the brilliance of the director, Imara Savage.  She has transported the play from day to night to capture those nights out we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives.

You know that night where you’ve partied all night long, everything seemed like a good idea, you think you’re aware of everything that’s going on, then you start to head home, sun’s coming up and suddenly in the cold light of day (as Imara puts it) ‘you see everything for what it is’.  (Ouch).

Its an hilariously physical play with many LOL (laugh out loud) moments not the least being an episode with a washing machine, a visit to the local bar with the inevitable lining up of shots, the current trend of taking of embarrassing selfies, get the picture?

It’s a play that anyone of any age will relate to, thanks to the collaboration of all involved.

Do yourself a favour – whether you love or hate Shakespeare, go see The Comedy of Errors. You’ll be glad you did.


Currently on tour in Australia, for bookings please visit:

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