Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs

What is this strange fixation with cat owners (sic) that varies so much with dog owners? It is a fact they are a different breed; and I’m not talking about the animals. I expand; because i can –

Dog owners generally have dog rules – modified barking, no biting, relieve yourself outside, wag your tail when you’re happy, say g’day when I get home, chasing cars is optional as is coming when called, you can sniff other dogs butts but not mine.

Cats on the other hand – well I hardly need to redocument as it seems all comments about cats are virtually clichéd. But the fact that they have an open plan poo station indoors says it all. They DEMAND a luxury definitely not afforded us. Now there’s an interesting thought…….a litter station for us indoors!!! No, no, no – bad idea!

But there is something that is starting to “scratch my blackboard” so now I have to get a little serious.Image

Dog owners (and I am not one) have to suffer all sorts of regulations and some justifiably so. From muzzles to designated parks for off-leash walking to designated hours for off-leash walking, controlled containment and registration. Local councils even have a dog catcher to arrest any canine breaking the law. If registered the owner pays a hefty fine for parking their dog in the wrong place, if not registered family pet is taken away and given to another home (put down).

Cat owners on the other hand are for a large part as oblivious to the needs and considerations of others as the cats themselves. Laws regarding cat control by owners varies from state to state but is at best wishy/washy and voluntary.

Why is it that a cat can roam the neighbourhood knocking off the local wildlife totally unfettered? We, as law abiding citizens, cannot kill a native bird and yet it is not illegal to unleash said cat upon the poor creatures without responsibility, recourse or recompense.

Cat owners don’t want to hear this of course but you are responsible for your cat’s destruction of wildlife and until the law recognises this and policing is enacted accordingly then our native birds will continue to diminish at you and your cat’s pleasure.



  1. “Bell your cat”… and save the wildlife 🙂

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