Faith v Science

Where does one begin – it’s a chicken and egg discussion methinks.
I suppose faith came first mainly because scientists weren’t invented until somewhere between 600B.C. and August 21st 1833. It’s the subject of continual debate whether Alchemists were the early scientists or even “faith based” snake medicine peddlers.

Faith, as I see it, is purely a trust based on whatever reasons we choose to justify that particular belief. Science on the other hand has to have definitive proof with absolute and predictable results. This all needs expansion; on both fronts.

faith v science

Faith is not quantitative in that in my view there is no definitive proof apart from considered opinion. The problem with faith is that because we don’t all share the same opinion for various reasons there is no one and absolute faith for all. However we all have the right to have faith in whatever we want and in whatever degree we choose.


Science at first seems the “final and absolute” answer due to it being based on predictable outcomes tested over and again and continuing to produce the same outcome. But, as good as intention as it is by the good and worthy scientists revealing the proofs, there are endless examples of new discoveries proving old theories out-dated and ill-conceived. This is no-one’s fault – we can only use and take advantage of what technology is available to us at any given moment.

Therefore……….as definite as science claims; it is only as good as the research and technology at the time.

So, is there a place for both instead of the “choose one or the other” as devotees of both demand. I say YES!

Science is what science is; but there is no place within to challenge faith. There is no experiment to disprove faith.

Faith on the other hand has a power that in the human brain is unstoppable. Whether you have faith given by trust in your chosen god or the faith given to you by your friend, family, mentor or even past experience, faith provides a strength and confidence as unwavering as it is powerful.

As the song lyric by Masters Apprentices goes – “do what you want to do, be what you want to be …yeh!” Viva le faith!


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