AUGE RISTORANTE – a boomers view

15896350-close-up-torso-shot-of-a-fine-dining-waiter-in-a-bowtie-and-tux-with-a-white-pressed-napkin-over-his AUGE RISTORANTE………Elite Dining Experience, Italian style
22 Grote Street,
Adelaide SA
8410 9332



As you go…

Nearby car parks or on street

On approaching couldn’t spot the restaurant by its frontage but just past it there’s a huge sign high up, running parallel with side of building. Has a moped out front – nice touch.
Interior a subdued elegance.
Warm welcome by front of house.

A La Carte
Appetisers from $7.50 – $22/$39 (platters for one or two)
Entrees $24.00
Main $33-$39
Sides $9.50
Desserts $16.50
Cheeses (4) $25.00

Degustation 8 courses $129.00 – wines to match $79.00
Degustation 6 courses $109.00 – wines to match $59.00

Pre-dinner from $8.00
Wine per glass $12 – $29 (good choice)
Bottled $40 upwards to top shelf prices (expansive selection, Italian wines featured)

Each course was as good as the last except the dessert– a chocolate offering– I’m one of the few people on the planet that doesn’t enjoy chocolate desserts in any form. However, my dining partner had no problem devouring it. Loved it.

Impeccable, as one would expect for a restaurant of this standing
(Voted Best Italian in The Gourmet Traveller 2013 Top 100 restaurants in Australia)

Auge website features the following statement:
“At Auge we cater to all dietary requirements and offer a 6 or 8 course degustation menu to suit everyone. Gluten Free, Lactose Free, and Vegetarian menus.
Available any day of the week. (subject to change daily)”. The latter refers to availability of fresh produce from local suppliers.

On arrival I asked to see the vegetarian menu as I knew the regular 6 course degustation had a couple of things I couldn’t eat. (had a look on website). I was advised one was not available. Really?? But your site promised me. So then I asked if I could change a couple of the things within regular degustation due to being a none red meat eater.
Waiter was doubtful too many changes.

I wasn’t going to surrender so easily so I explained – all I needed was for the pork cheek to be removed from the scallop dish and could the steak dish changed for something else – anything, afterall this is Auge, the multi awarded restaurant.
Waiter went to speak with chef – chef said no.

What a let down. Next the Maitre d’ came over to apologise for being unable to accommodate my request. So in I went, again – no vegetarian menu (but website said yes) saying how surprised I was that two simple changes were too difficult. Voila, Maitre d’  listened and agreed – too easy – eventually.

I’d ring for corkage costs as lightens the load on the pocket. You can bring that special bottle from home you’ve been hanging on to.

If you or any of your dining partners have dietary requirements, I’d ring ahead of time so they can be accommodated on the night.

I’d need a special occasion


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