About Evie

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvie is a happily married young boomer with three adult kids. They constantly believe her recall of any event is wrong which makes for some entertaining discussions within the household.  Given her European ancestry they can be rather animated.

Evie’s employment history has been wide and varied, from working for a private investigator in her early years, a career in the media, before becoming a fully qualified naturopathic nutritionist and homeopath.  This took six and half years full time to attain which included four years studying medical sciences, something she is proud to have achieved.  Combined with all this she is an event coordinator and an emcee.

Aside from her family, her loves are the theatre, golfing, travel, food, music, movies, and Aussie rules.  In fact she is an ambassador and co-ordinator for the Adelaide Football Club women’s group “Birds of a Feather”.  She is also on the committee for the charity Foundation Shine which raises funds to educate and bring an awareness to the community of the often misguided ideas it has of mental illness.

As with most boomers, thinks she is much too young to stop learning, challenging herself and settling  into “old age” and is ready to help make boomers the most envied and unforgettable generation in history.

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