Duelling Galahs Episode 12 – 100 different ways to say Taxation

Join the duelling Galahs Evie and Lee for a half hour of political twaddle, top class drinking tipple, a cheats way to youth and the new phenomenon of bum enhancers.  This is a … [Read more...]

Duelling Galahs – Episode 11 Mothers Day ‘n moré

Mother's Day is not a chore, it's a privilege. But does BJ Thomas think that, does the John Wayne Bobbitt think that, does the soon to be Oscar winner Mr Peabody think that, and do … [Read more...]

Duelling Galahs – Episode 10 Inventions and Gadgets

Beer was invented 2500 years before the wheel - so why did it take so long? Too many parties or too many other inventions to dream of. Join Evie and Lee for 30 minutes  digging  … [Read more...]

Give me a Break – Episode 9 Duelling Galahs

Cruise ships, plane flights, Voodoo. Would you vote to listen or send in an informal. Vote to listen, just hit the button and take a well earned break with Evie and Lee. N.B. This … [Read more...]