Give me a Break – Episode 8

If time travel was possible would Robbie Williams change his mind and come to Adelaide, would Mr Travolta embrace Travoltafying your name and would Matthew McConaughey remember Ava … [Read more...]

14 Time Travelling Celebrities

Time Lords, Vampires or was the tale of Dorian Gray not just a movie but a biography.  Take a look for yourself, see these famous celebs in their "past" life personas. Which … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 3 – Gimme a Break

It's time to take a load off and have a 23 minute break. Our latest podcast and..... stay tuned for our last one before Christmas with some fantastic chrissy present ideas. Go on, … [Read more...]


I was trawling through the newspapers recently trying to catch up on all the happenings here and abroad.  Given my profession, health stories always grab my interest. I honed in … [Read more...]