Podcast Episode 3 – Gimme a Break

It's time to take a load off and have a 23 minute break. Our latest podcast and..... stay tuned for our last one before Christmas with some fantastic chrissy present ideas. Go on, … [Read more...]


BROMPTON HOTEL BRASSIERE RESTAURANT 5 First Street, Brompton 8340 0072 As you go….. PARKING Easy, has parking on site but on busy nights may find yourself parking in the … [Read more...]

AUGE RISTORANTE – a boomers view

 AUGE RISTORANTE………Elite Dining Experience, Italian style 22 Grote Street, Adelaide SA 8410 9332     As you go… PARKING: Nearby car parks or on … [Read more...]

THE COMEDY OF ERRORS by William Shakespeare – boomer review

If you’ve ever been tempted to go see a Shakespearean play, but are terrified you won’t understand or ‘get it,’ this is the play to see.  The Comedy of Errors is a tale of mistaken … [Read more...]

PINK – The TRUTH ABOUT LOVE – boomer review

America, start putting your dollars and cents away 'cause Pink is on her way! This is one concert you don’t want to miss. When Miss Pink says, ‘full of surprises,’ the lady isn’t … [Read more...]