Give me a Break – Episode 8

If time travel was possible would Robbie Williams change his mind and come to Adelaide, would Mr Travolta embrace Travoltafying your name and would Matthew McConaughey remember Ava … [Read more...]

14 Time Travelling Celebrities

Time Lords, Vampires or was the tale of Dorian Gray not just a movie but a biography.  Take a look for yourself, see these famous celebs in their "past" life personas. Which … [Read more...]

Give me a break Episode 7

How long is a moment, how long is a jiffy, would the paparazzi look for Mr Ed the horse or Mr Ed the zebra, and what is an earworm … [Read more...]

Give Me A Break – Valentines Day Gift Special

Do you need a little help to work out what to give on Valentines Day that will make you the best partner in the world for "another" year. Well don't worry, Evie and Lee are here … [Read more...]

Give Me A Break

From sharks to S.H.I.T. to sheep join Evie and Lee for 25 minutes to make you day just a little better than it was before. All you have to do is click on the link … [Read more...]